Traceability is essential for Café de Costa Rica, as we are aware of its importance to our final consumers, especially nowadays, with the growing interest in the origin and practices behind our products.

We work on traceability in a unique way; Law 2762 “Relationship between Coffee Producers, Beneficiaries and Exporters” provides us with immensely valuable information about the origin and practices involved in making our coffee. Based on this law and the tools we have at our disposal to collect information, we are developing a Traceability System that will be part of the National Coffee Compliance System. This system, displayed on a technological platform, will allow our buyers to give their final consumers information on the who and the where of producing their coffee, as well as the product’s fair conditions and quality. For example, through this tool and in a credible manner, our consumers will learn that producers receive 80% of the FOB price. We will also be able to show consumers that the entire packaging and labeling system has been inspected and accepted by ICAFE. These aspects and many more will provide our coffee with a unique value.

We invite you to join us in this adventure of innovation and creativity, while we develop our unique Traceability System!

  • Working conditions
  • Wage fulfillment
  • Social protection
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Human development
  • Registered coffee supply chain (producers, mills, and exporters)
  • Region
  • Georeferencing
  • Community
  • Farm and coffee producers
  • Coffee variety
  • Economic viability
  • Profitability
  • Livelihood
  • Agronomical management and investment
  • Good Agronomical Practices
  • Quality controls
  • Risk management
  • Fair pay
  • Codes of conduct
  • Low carbon coffee
  • Climate Change mitigation, adaptation and production security
  • Resilience
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Forest, water and waste management
  • Soil conservation
  • Air quality
  • Energy efficiency
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